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elderly care in China

Know More About Elderly Care in China

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China holds the no 1 position on the list of fastest growing populations. With the fast-growing population, senior citizens of China are often neglected. Unfortunately, the elderly care in China is not the state’s priority. Traditionally, eastern families have always emphasized on elderly care but this is not the case with modern China. The family loyalty is dying in the villages of China. Often times the daughters-in-law force their husbands to abandon their mothers as soon as they are unable to work. In one instance, a father of eight children committed suicide as he was not allowed in any one of the eight homes of his children. The number of elderly citizens suffering neglect keeps rising rapidly. The concept of orphanages for children was pretty common but now there are some organizations active at working for the elderly care in China. Besides the Fujian Temple, there is an active care center in China named Cascade Healthcare.

Cascade Healthcare was established by Emeritus Senior Living in the partnership with Columbia Specific Management.

These establishments are very keen for the wellness of the elderly people. They provide a home for these neglected poor people so that they may start a new life. The teams operating in such organizations include nurses as well as doctors. Besides working on the physical wellness of the patients, they keep an active eye on the social and psychological wellness as well.

When the elderly patients are admitted, they already come with some chronic diseases. The teams active in the organization look after their problems with a keen interest. They work on the relief from the post-surgery pain as well as acute diseases. Working with elderly patients for a long time has made these teams realize that the primary need of elderly patients is always Psychological rather than Physical. These patients are abandoned by their loved ones and they feel as they are dumped in these institutions. The teams at such institutions world on their needs by providing them a friendly environment. They are engaged in activities such as board games and painting. Moreover, the relatives are encouraged to visit them more and more so that they feel as they are still important.